Benefits Of Pocket Door Hardware And Sliding Door Hardware

When it comes to architectural design, sliding doors and pocket doors make the most of your floor space design by allowing access to areas of a room that would normally be reserved for a traditional swinging door. That can mean several feet of extra space to help you maximize your vision for the room or space.

Not just a simple way to divide spaces, pocket doors and sliding doors can add security and privacy to any room, and can even be used to segregate a room. Sliding and pocket door hardware can be as simple as a sleek, embedded pull or as secure as any traditional door with the use of privacy locks with keyed entry. Versatile and discreet, pocket and sliding door hardware are attracting architects and designers looking for practical and unique ways to maximize small spaces and complete the sleek, modern designs popular with homeowners.

The wide-range of pocket door hardware available online is what sets today’s sliding doors apart from what used to be available. Previously, the style and selection for these door designs were limited and pocket and sliding doors fell out of favor with designers and architects because it was difficult to incorporate such features while maintaining the integrity and continuity of their designs. Today, those same designers and architects are delighted to discover the rebirth of architectural door hardware for pocket and sliding doors with the addition of a fresh, new take on traditional designs.

Today’s designers can use pocket and sliding doors to not only add privacy, but to accent and enhance their designs with wide ranges of choices in architectural hardware, door hardware, sliding door locks and handle designs. From recessed door pulls, to clever end pull designs that retract when not in use, pocket and sliding door hardware is now as beautiful as it is functional.

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